Parenting Rights Institute has undertaken an advocacy project for Upstate New York residents to help prevent the spread of coronavirus from America’s Epicenter to other parts of the country.


Today, April 1, 2020, we found it necessary to generate a petition to the president, New York’s governor, FEMA and relevant public officials to protect the people of upstate New York and other states.

Yesterday, New York’s governor announced the transfer of infected patients to upstate hospitals. This goes against the grain of federal emergency assistance focused on containing the spread in its place.

For example, the USNS Comfort and Army Corp medical facility at Javitts Center are limited to non-infected patients. Their purpose is to relieve overwhelmed facilities to help those needing other services.

On the same day, Dr. William Haselton, a Harvard medical school professor who created models to gauge the spread of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, warned that we are going the way of Italy due to vast shortcomings in contact tracing.

He also emphasized that we have much to learn about this new microbe, citing its mutation into eight different strains having particular impact here. So worried was he that he began wearing face masks everywhere he went.

If we do not take action upstate, all of New York will be the epicenter. We love our families as much as they do downstate, but elevating the spread will only cause a second wave of infections when victims return to their homes there.

A virus more contagious than anything we have faced, this is no time to experiment on its killer potential in remote communities. By signing, you will also see how our petition is seeking stronger travel bans to protect other states.

Consequently we ask you to sign this petition using the link below. We also urge you to get others to do the same. With time made available during home confinement, you could save countless lives.



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