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Join us for an Open House and Book Signing for Satan’s Docket on October 8

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Author and Parental Consultant

On Sunday, October 8, 2017 between 3 and 8 pm, I will be sponsoring an Open House and Book Signing at my home located at 1336 Graffenburg Road; New Hartford, New York (second left turn off Sherman Drive across from MVCC campus). Its purpose is to orient people and purchasers to some of the scenes featured in the book entitled, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry.

Although the manuscript was completed only last month after nine months of research and writing, I have decided on an early release due to the Oneida County Family Judge race which is devoid of the real issues confronting moms, dads, children and families in these courts. Book store purchases will not be available until after election day.

A half page advertisement explains it at page 3B of the (Utica) Observer Dispatch on-line now and in the print version of Thursday, October 5, 2017. With a copy of that ad or mention of the on-line version will get you a $10 discount off the $30 price. If you cannot make it, you can purchase a copy on the Satan’s Docket Page of the Parenting Rights Institute website, You can also send a check or money order to the author at P.O. Box 8302; Utica, New York 13505. Tax, shipping and handling are included with a copy sent to your return address in 5 to 10 business days.

Come and share your ordeals with other parents and learn a lot from this valuable book. It explains how these courts truly work, how it is structured to bankrupt entire families and businesses in the so-called “best interests” of our children. It is crucial for all Americans to take action against an epidemic which is causing escalating violence, immorality and crime everywhere. For additional info and directions call me personally at (315) 796-4000.

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Early Release of Satan’s Docket Inspired by Family Judge Elections

Welcome to our first blog post on Parenting Rights Institute. Today we are introducing the advance release of our director’s new book entitled, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. Nine months in the works and based on thirty years of litigation experience, Leon Koziol takes you through his horrific ordeal as a judicial whistleblower forced to seek protection in Paris.

However this book is much more. It can be considered a crash course in divorce or family court, your education to an epidemic that is harming our children, families, schools, workplaces and health as a nation. It was a herculean project, years in the research and writing stage with a manuscript completed only last month. At present it is the hands of a major publisher with a possible release date early next year. In the meantime it has generated inquiries from a documentary producer and will hopefully lead to an overdue investigation by Congress or Justice Department into federal funding abuses in state domestic relations courts. We will keep you posted on this.

While all this was in progress, so were the many family judge elections across the country which promise to expand this epidemic and bring even more harm to future generations. One such election in Oneida County, New York sparked the early release of this uncensored version of Satan’s Docket. Its author and our director, Dr. Leon Koziol, resides in that county and became troubled by the lack of vital discourse on the real issues in these courts. In coming weeks, he hopes to change all that through this unprecedented literary work.

Satan’s Docket was authored in an extraordinary way given the difficulty of attracting interest to such a stressful and complex subject. It was a lesson learned from Alec Baldwin and his 2009 book release, A Promise to Ourselves. That memoir failed to achieve its highly anticipated book sales. Indeed mainstream media was most focused on excerpts relating to his suicide attempts during an incendiary divorce with actress Kim Basinger. Dr. Koziol was invited to Alec’s book signing in Manhattan and shared his ordeal with Baldwin’s agent at Creative Artists in California. More recently, crucial advice was obtained from best selling authors at the Whistleblower Summit and Conference this past summer in Washington D.C.

The title, Satan’s Docket, was a risky selection but has gained wide support. It was proven ironically to be a well selected title after discovering Bradley Birkenfeld’s recent book release at the Summit entitled, Lucifer’s Bank. Mr. Birkenfeld was a whistleblower of the Swiss bank industry who suffered retaliation by a jail sentence of 30 months for tax evasion. On his release he recovered a record $104 million under the new IRS Whistleblower Protection Act. Another new book release at this Summit featured a woman lawyer disbarred for exposing court corruption in New Hampshire. Her book is titled, The Dark Side.

Satan’s Docket was also inspired by former New York Senate Leader Joseph Bruno, whose memoir, Keep Swinging, was released in November, 2016. Dr. Koziol’s book features two equal length halves. Part One is the Corruption segment of his subtitle. It is the macro part which describes a divorce and family court epidemic nationwide. Part Two is the Carnage half which focuses on his personal ordeal. In order to keep a broad section of readers glued to the book, a collection of shocking stories from around the country is spiced with romance, humor and horror in places ranging from Hawaii to Paris, France. It is a book well worth reading at a nominal cost that can save you college tuition and untold lawyer fees. It may be the best investment you will make in years.

Please share this post with as many parents, bloggers, media representatives and court victims that you can.