Something Awesome Is Here: Shocking New Book, Whistleblower in Paris. It's part of our Satan's Docket series regarding corruption in America's Divorce Industry


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This human rights odyssey, based on a true story, is a must-read for anyone impacted by divorce. Dr. Leon Koziol, a former civil rights attorney with over thirty years of trial experience in federal and state courts, presents an intriguing story as a judicial whistleblower forced to seek asylum in Paris.

It is also a valuable education product for those burdened by the complexities and high costs of litigation. Here you will learn about a silent and suppressed epidemic that is harming our families, schools, workplaces and health as a nation. It is our parenting right, the “oldest liberty interest” under siege.

This extraordinary story could not have been told unless the author was victimized as he was by his own profession using innocent children to conceal corruption. It is also a story with a powerful message that could transform an archaic custody system into a progressive framework for shared parenting.

To promote this sort of civil rights reform, the author has joined with fellow parents and professionals from around the country. Now join Dr. Koziol as he takes you through an adventure spiced with romance, humor and horror. There are many court dockets but this one is thriving in our “family” courts.


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To obtain an autographed hard copy of Whistleblower in Paris, make a $30 donation by debit or credit card below. You can also send a check or money order in the author's name, Leon Koziol, with your return address and any comments mailed to: Dr. Leon Koziol; Parenting Rights Institute; 1336 Graffenburg Road; New Hartford, NY 13413. Depending on location you should receive your book within five to ten business days. Tax and shipping costs are included and proceeds are used to advance this vital cause of reform for parents everywhere.

In the end, it could save you thousands of dollars in fees and court costs, but most importantly, it can save you and your children tremendous harm.