Mediation and Referrals


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Regardless where you reside or your case may be pending, we provide professional services tailored to your needs. They include referrals for the most effective advocacy or expert assistance for your family matter. We are committed to protecting your interests in any divorce, custody or support case. We will research your area for the best referral and return on your dollar. When we make the right connection, we then monitor progress so that your lawyer or expert is acting in your best interests. It can save you many thousands of dollars and needless suffering. Why rely upon a so-called “expert” with little or no actual court experience, no success record, to close the deal? 


The obvious benefit here is that any person referred by us will give your concerns greater attention because he or she is being scrutinized by an advocate with nearly 30 years of trial and appellate experience. Mediation, arbitration and zoom conference settlement provide additional options to avoid costly litigation altogether. As stated on our home page, our offices have been closed to in-person consultations due to the pandemic, but arrangements may be made that are tailored to your situation by calling us direct at (315) 796-4000.

2008 Television clip of Dr. Leon Koziol’s accomplishments as a trial attorney prior to creating the Parenting Rights Institute as its Director.

Seminars and Speaking Engagements

Opening segment of court education seminar sponsored by Parenting Rights Institute

We are living in an increasingly litigious society. There are over 300,000 lawyers in New York and California alone with as many attorney candidates as there are those in practice across the United States. That’s a lot of lawyers seeking work. But in divorce and family court the participants are creating their own employment at your expense through needless, lucrative and contrived controversy.


Everyone is adversely impacted, from the innocent child to diverse employers who suffer the health and productivity consequences in the workforce. It is truly a silent epidemic suppressed by bar associations everywhere. You need to learn more about it, identify the issues as they affect you and improve your condition. 


Whether it be arranged with a small audience in your home town, zoom conference or even a series of conference calls. we have the expert for a speaking engagement or consultant for your organization. Here you get the real deal. Our professional background is detailed elsewhere on this site together with our services that include investigation and research of court corruption. We bring together a diverse and accomplished background for your benefit. A Court Program was developed over a period of years to assist others contemplating or already engaged in litigation. It is designed to avoid costly disputes and is available on this site as well.


Mediation services and litigation alternatives are highly recommended. If we cannot do it, we will recommend a party near you. Such unique assistance is provided to victims of the court process because lawyers are not inclined to do so out of a fear of professional retribution. Such fears are understandable based on Dr. Koziol’s experiences after 23 unblemished years of practice in federal and state courts.


Therefore, he and his associates are able to develop strategies to suit victims from around the country. Tell us your issues and objectives, and we can provide a course of action based on many years of professional writing, drafting, lobbying, trial and appellate court experience. Often times, parents who choose our services include their lawyers in our strategy sessions.


We have helped organize rallies, conferences and parenting conventions while joining those who seek reform through network publicity and website development. Each case calls for a different approach using a wide range of proven or creative means. Call our office for a free consultation at (315) 796-4000.


Documentaries and Reports



Welcome to an extraordinary opportunity to obtain justice.


Let’s face it, mainstream media is ignoring widespread corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. That’s because bar associations across America are suppressing a trillion dollar industry that is increasingly exploiting our children. Tremendous harm has resulted as evidenced throughout today’s society. So as parents, we have a duty to command our own destinies with documentaries published through secondary and social media. Here at Parenting Rights Institute, we are having remarkable success.


Anyone can slap together a home video and throw it up on You-Tube. But without expertise connected to it, why waste time. Such a video could do more harm than good. Even professional programs with major media can fall short of an ideal product because the sponsors or anchors are unfamiliar with these courts. Time and again we have seen shows that promote the propaganda of the child “experts” who have never had children of their own as they profit from our misfortunes.


Here we do much more through follow-up and professional reports. Our director has been featured on 60 Minutes, front page of the New York Times, CNN and other major news organizations. We begin our assignments with a phone chat at no cost to determine what can be done. An estimate for services and expenses may then be provided. Next we receive electronic and paper records to be reviewed. With our proven expertise we will not expose anyone to libelous reports, yet another benefit for you. We follow with a trip to your community to get a critical assessment of the environment. That trip is concluded with a video interview and options for a more comprehensive documentary if warranted.


You are in command of the options insofar as a given case may prove to have an extraordinary dimension to it. The extent of the assignment can vary as circumstances dictate. This can be a villain’s worse nightmare and your finest hour, maybe even an autobiography for future generations, simply priceless. Below is one of our video-documentaries regarding a university professor in New York City fleeced of $2 million in lawyer fees followed by a preview of a book publication for a client in Pennsylvania.


So call us directly at (315) 796-4000. It could be the call of a lifetime.

Dr. Leon Koziol conducts Parental Seminar at Hotel Conference Room