Dr. Koziol & Associates at Supreme Court


Here you will finally discover your hired gun. That’s how one front page news story described Leon Koziol. He is a parental advocate with thirty years of litigation experience in federal and state courts. He has secured large verdicts, settlements and legal precedent which earned him interviews on the CBS program 60 Minutes, CNN and front page of the New York Times. Now he can become your hired gun. For over seven years he has been providing effective non-legal advocacy for divorce and family court victims all across the country.

Leon will employ his unique background to uncover what is really occurring on your case and formulate a strategy for accountability. It is a highly discreet process to expose corruption in our divorce and family courts. If you’re following our regular blog publications on this site, you are learning about divorce and custody bribes, judges imprisoned for contractor kickbacks requiring the overturning of 4,000 illegal court orders and Leon’s own custody judge removed from his case for “political espionage” and from the bench altogether for admitting to sexual misconduct upon his handicapped five year old niece. There is little or no accountability from lawyer and judicial misconduct commissions.

Dr. Koziol has also authored books for victims, developed reports and public presentations while generating public support for reform. He has assisted victims in exercising their free speech through organized rallies, conventions and viral publications. And he has visited communities and courts across the country to complete video-documentaries for submission to relevant government agencies. Feel free to discover if our form of advocacy is right for you at Leon’s personal contact number: (315) 796-4000.

2008 television clip depicting Dr. Koziol’s achievements as a trial attorney prior to founding the Parenting Rights Institute in 2010.

PRI Director Dr. Leon Koziol and co-host Tamara Sweeney conduct video-documentary of St. John’s University Professor Anthony Pappas